Microscopes being invented has opened up a whole new dimension in science. By using microscopes scientists were able to discover microorganisms and study the shape cells and see what small part of plants and animals look like. Today microscopes are used as a tool to diagnosis illness in hospitals and clinics all over the world […]

Lichens are great for environmental indicators because they sense air pollution as well as the concentration of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. Lichens are plant organisms that can be found in different exposed places such as tree barks and rocks they are also good at absorbing water and nutrients to grow there. WAYS TO CLEAN […]

    In this essay i will discuss how hip hop still has a positive message.Many people think that hip hop is a bad influence to young people this days but they don’t know about emcees who still rap positively. One way hip hop does this is by criticising the REEL. The REEL is a concept […]

       The merchant of venice is one of shakespeare’s many play’s. But unlike his many other play’s this one is very controversial. Many people would say that it is racist or anti-semeiotic (which is a form of racism against jews). This is because of the way the jews are treated in the play. Many would […]

Shylock is one of main characters in the play, but this Jew is unlike the others in the play. Shakespeare portrayed Shylock by making him, blood thirsty for money. This is shown many times in the play, such as shylocks first line which was “Three thousand ducats, well”. This was part of the bond that […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway